Friday, January 15, 2010

The Only Moment We Were Alone

The only moment we were alone
Was never
This pain seaps in deep
Makes me weap.

This crushing sorrow
Is painful
The world is covered in a black darkness
That is just to meak for me
I need your hand
To lead me through the sadness
The sight you can give me
Is a light that i only can see
The true love i feel for you
Is something that i cant describe
Its something that has to be felt

But what the fuck is wrong with me
To mistake these feelings of love with limerency
Im so sick of that word
Its like a punch in the gut
Which by now is internally bleeding
Because im torturing my self
By looking at pictures of thee

Im so sick of this feeling
I need you to be with me
When i saw your face last saturday
When i saw the way you looked through me
When i saw you shed a tear and how much
I wish it was me who could clear it for you
Instead of your girlfriend and her child sitting next to you
I wish i could make you able to see
I dont know how happy you are and
I dont know how happy i can make you
But i know how happy you can make me.


The hidden rhythm of your heart beat
Underneath my trembling hand
The radiant heat
The band
In the background
While your fast asleep

A smile cracks my cheeks
I feel your hand sliding sleak
Down my thigh you hand flies
It stops
And in that moment
I feel your lips
As they tremble against mine
For ever in that moment of time
I will never forget that moment
I will never forget you

And so help me god
That when i wake up
I will never think this is a dream
Because in my personal reality,
You are the only one for me.

But my reality is
Its only limerency
For what this means, Incase you dont know
Is that this feeling of inadequacy
This feeling of emptiness
This feeling of love i hold for you
Its just not real,
And while i wish my life wasnt this bleak
The truth is it is,
And how i hold on everyday for a chance to change this fact
For a chance to see you

Take that as you may
But for as long as i live
I will
I wont
I cant ever forget you
For you are everything to me
And if and when this coma passes over
My first breath will be
Where is the one for whom i seek.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Several Words

Several Words
Several words we never knew,
Now have begun to make things real,
When our soul is gone, we have truly lost what it takes to feel,
To feel more, To feel life,
To be saved, because this cant go on,
Without meaning or cause,
I need you to save me, because i cant go on,
Without you, by my side not needing a clause.

We all need someone,
Demanding us,
Pushing us,
To be better then we are,
Someone who can give meaning to our self realiant lives,
Someone who knows the words,
To give you the time to need, to say what you believe,
To say what counts,
To make you swing in their lust.

If you where here,
Id love you,
More then life itself,
I could be with you forever,
Never decieving you,
Always treating you,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tears Down My Cheeks

Tears Down my Cheeks
When i see your smile,
Tears roll down my cheeks,
Because every time you smile for awhile,
A piece of my breaks of, leaks
Into my shallow pool of misery,
Because your something to me,
A desired goal,
Never going to be able to reach,
And i dont know why, But im sick of feeling this way,
Im sick of thinking of us with an array
Of light blinding us, Distracting us, Holding
Onto us, forever as I imagine,
Us growing old together, aging
Slightly, Hasten,
A slight work of fiction,
Is me being with you,
And as much as i want to give up,
Im unable to, because i am once and forever,
In love with you.

~Daniel Chapman

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost my Breath

Lost my Breath
I keep waiting for my breath,
To come back,
But it never does,
So come finish me off,
Break my heart with.

Noone should be seperated from the one they love,
Cause it shatters spirits,
Shatters hopes,
Causes one's self worth,
To be abolished,
Lost without hope to change,
To be what it once was,
That first time he or she looked into your eyes,
When their heart skipped that beat,
The way their hands shook your's good bye,
Because in that first instance of heat
Between the two of us,
Between the two of anyone,

So run after the one who stole your breath,
Maybe they'll be their to catch you,
Cause maybe they never forgot you,
Cause maybe, just maybe,
You meant something to them,
A small gem,
That sparkled to that one person,
Whos first eye contact,
Sparkled, a recipricol action,
Whos smile cracked,
Your fragile heart,
And you know deep down,
Only that one person can make it right.

~Daniel Chapman

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In the Air

In the Air
Im breaking down,
Im crying,
I miss you in my life,
Come on,
Give me something,
Notice me,
I dont know what i can do anymore,
And now im alone and looking out,
And im waiting on the end,
For you,
How extreme will i need to be,
To get you to notice me,
From the summer air,
To the winter chill,
I can barely bare
This tough hill,
This giant obstical,
In the way from me getting you,
I will change, for you,
For myself, because when i get you, my life will be complete,
A giant relief
I sigh, as i look into the sky,
Breathing in your air,
Turning rosy red in ectasy and nervousness,
A slight bonus,
Would be for you to be rosy too,
A new untrue venture,
For me to be with you.

~Daniel Chapman

Monday, January 5, 2009

Time Stops

Time Stops
Time stops,
When i look into your eyes,
I can see your dorky side,
Quarky side,
Your compassionate,
Your charasmatic,
Your everything i look for,
Your everything i want,
Your perfect,
And when i look into your eyes,
I start to cry,
Because i can never have you,
A desired quotient,
Lifted high away from me,
All i can do is wait for you,
Wait for the moment when time stops,
Wait for the moment when Im important in your life,
And ill cover all bets,
That the moment this threats,
I wont be what you are to me,
Ill just be an obstical,
In your way, as you try to get by,
And if i know you cant get through,
Ill move, for you, As a way to impress you,
My wonderful dork,
With your annoying quarks,
But i will still love you,
Maybe one day when Time stops,
Youll love me to,
Because i can barely go on without you.

~Daniel Chapman